Finance Board

The Finance/Investment Board consists of eight participating Church members, four of them elected from the membership-at-large to serve terms of three years. In years divisible by three, two members shall be elected, in intervening years, one. The other four members of the Board shall be the Treasurer, Financial Secretary, the Assistant Financial Secretary and a Trustee (who may succeed him/herself).

The Finance/Investment Board shall manage the finances and maintain custody and care of the invested funds of the Church. It shall transfer all monies derived from invested funds to the Church Treasurer, who shall pay or distribute such monies strictly according to the terms of the trust, gift or will. Regarding the securities entrusted to its care, it shall have the power to buy, sell, transfer, exercise rights to vote proxies, exchange, deliver and take all other necessary action in connection therewith, holding all stock certificates and other evidence of ownership in the name of the Church.

This Finance/Investment Board is responsible for raising funds for the Church and its benevolences; is authorized to approve expenditures in excess of the approved itemized Church budget, when extenuating circumstances require such action; and must approve any such expenditures before they are made. It shall compile and propose an itemized budget for the following year and present it to the Church for approval. This Board will select its own chairperson and recording secretary, and it will meet monthly and at such other times as may be required.