This church year, the Missions Committee is working to enthusiastically support the core programs, including…

  • Doug Stoddard
  • One Great Hour of Sharing
  • Neighbors In Need
  • The Christmas Fund in support of retired ministers

Our discretionary spending will focus on local needs

  • We plan a contribution to provide for a need at the Rowley Food Bank
  • We are coordinating with the School Nurse at Pine Grove School to identify needs of local children and families
  • we will also sponsor other clothing drives as the year progresses

In addition to aiding organizations and people in need, through the generosity of our congregation, …this year we will also be sponsoring fund raising events in an effort to raise money for missions

  • First, this fall we have a Limo Contest. We will give parents and friends opportunities to buy chances for a deserving child to get a ride in a 10 passenger stretch limousine with up to eight of his or her friends. We will pick up at least one parent (preferably two) at their homes, drive them to the winning child’s school at the end of a school day, pick up the children at the school, take everyone to a McDonald’s, treat everyone to a Kid’s Meal, then drive everyone home.
  • You will see us selling chances at the Church Yard Sale on October 1, Pancake Breakfasts on October 8 and November 12, the Olde Tyme Country Fair on November 19, and we are working on setting up another venue. The drawing will take place at the end of the final venue.
  • Other ideas are under consideration for the spring.

The Mission Committee consists of consists of six (6) persons of which three (3) are elected, one (1) each year, to serve a term of three (3) years. In addition, there are three (3) appointed members, one (1) each from Christian Education, Finance Trustees, and Diaconate, who may succeed themselves. The Committee is responsible to keep the Church members informed of Our Church’s Wider Mission; to plan for a complete program of Stewardship and Missionary Education for the entire Church; and to make available to the Church family as a whole and to each age group or organization within the Church, educational opportunities and experiences of service, giving, and fellowship so that the Church may be a mission in thought and action consistent with the Conference’s Mission outreach and social responsibility programs. This Committee shall elect its own chairperson and recording secretary.

This Committee reports to the Cabinet.