Spring is here and so are the Flamingos!

Published on Apr 4th, 2017 by Lisa | 35

The youth have freed the flamingos and if they haven’t visited you and you would like to send some to friends and family just let us know ! This is our semi-annual fundraiser, all of our fundraisers during the year go towards community service projects, project JOY and helping others. This is our only fundraiser this year that goes directly to the youth summer trip.
thanks for your support! Lets see how far we can get them!

35 Comments on “Spring is here and so are the Flamingos!”

  1. Lisa says:

    If you get flocked and do not want your address posted please let me know and when I edit it I will leave it out!

  2. Jackie Pyburn says:

    Hi! We would like to pay $5 to have our flock removed, 646 Wethersfield Street Rowley, MA and $10 to have you flock the Cirino family 23 Saunders Lane Rowley, MA.
    P.s. Do I bring the money to the church or leave it in the ziplock bag for pick up?

    • Lisa says:

      thanks Jackie! You can just drop a check in the mail to the church, payable to fcor youth group (memo James flamingo).

  3. The Flodmans says:

    We would like to pay $10 to have them removed from 75 Hillside Street, Rowley. We would like to have them placed on the Gundrums lawn if they have not been flocked yet. We will mail the check to the Youth Group.
    The Flodman Family

  4. Derek says:

    Hi, we would like to pay $5 to have removed from 23 Saunders Lane and pay $10 to have them placed at someone’s home of your choice.

    Thank you
    -The Cirino’s

  5. Nancy Reed says:

    Good Morning,

    Came home yesterday after a stressful afternoon and saw the flamingos. Gave me a good chuckle!
    I would like to pay $5.00 for their removal at 585 Haverhill St.
    I would like to pay $10.00 to have them placed on the lawn at Herrick’s Dairy Farm on Dodge Rd.
    Thanks again for the chuckle!

  6. The Irvings says:

    Came home from a Whittier School Committee Meeting and we had been flocked. Great idea.

    We will pay $20.00 to have the flock picked up and not returned this year.

    We would like to pay $10.00 each to have the flock placed at the Sanford’s home on Wethersfield Street and at Casa Blouin.

    Have fun with this fundraiser.

  7. Pam and Ken Sanford says:

    We would like to thank the Irvings for their kind gesture and would like to pay $20. to have them removed from 296 Wethersfield Street.
    Thanks and happy spring!
    Pam and Ken

  8. Mark & Maureen says:

    I paid $20.00 via PayPal to have the flock removed from 60 Hillside St.

  9. Nancy & Jerry Schmidt says:

    We are thrilled to have been “flocked!” It’s our first time:)
    At your convenience we would love to have our flock moved and happy to pay $20.00! Do you accept checks?

    Nancy & Jerry
    12 Riverview Hts., Amesbury

  10. Nancy & Jerry Schmidt says:

    Check for $20.00 is in the mail for removal of the beautiful flock (thank you!) We are also including another $10.00 to have a flock placed on the lawn of the Confalone home. I think you know their address!

    The Schmidt Family

  11. Nancy C says:

    Hi! We were flocked #7 at 167 washington St.
    we would like to flock the following:
    40 Washington st groveland
    364 Main st groveland
    24 highland ave groveland.
    Should I give you a check or cash for the 30.00. ? I can leave it in the envelope on the bird?

  12. Laurie says:

    We were greeted by a flock of pink birds when we returned from vacation. Thanks! Sending a check to the church for $20. Happy to support the youth group!!

    The Ritchies
    441 Wethersfield Street

  13. Ariana Hazen says:

    Not sure who flocked us, but Emmett loves them: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-9RP4maKUjVSVFjTS1sV3JibWM

  14. Melissa says:

    Thanks for the visit, flamingos! We’re at 38 Washington St, Groveland, and paid $10 via the donation link on your site- you can move our flock to the lawn of your choice 🙂

  15. Old town bread says:

    Good morning,
    Thank you for adorning the front lawn of the bakery with the lovely pink flock. The flock got taken down by the landlord because he had the front lawn sprayed with grass seed. I would like to have the flock moved to 157 Main St. the Morrissey family. Thank you Doug

  16. Ellen Morrissey says:

    We were Flocked at 157 Main St. Thank you Doug! We would like them moved to 61 Glen St Rowley. I’ll put a check in the mail.
    Thank you,
    Ellen Morrissey

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