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The First Congregational Church of Rowley is a community church that serves Christ. We are in covenant with all of God’s Children and all faiths across the world. We strive to be relevant in the modern world while honoring our rich heritage.


We are growing and changing to attract new members while serving the spiritual needs of all generations. As Christians, we strive to be good stewards of God’s resources so that we may serve, through ministry and mission, both our community and the world.


The First Congregational Church of Rowley is engaged in a process of discernment that will guide our path to the future. While honoring our rich heritage, the Vision Team recognized the need to stay relevant in today’s socioeconomic climate. (From the Vision Statement and Vision Process)


Rooted in faith, supported by love, a beacon of God's light, welcoming ALL!   

Creation: A Door to Our Hearts and the Divine

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This Advent season we will be hosting a four-week ZOOM series scheduled for the four Mondays in Advent: 


November 29 

December 6

December 13

December 20. 


The focus is to help us deepen our awareness of how creation is alive and we, by our living consciousness, are in full unity with this Divine Presence

The Zoom Sessions will be at 7:00 PM and last no more than an hour.  

Join Zoom Meeting November 29th at 7:00 PM

Question:  What does the Bible, St. Francis, Celtic Tradition, Indigenous Peoples, and our current Science of Cosmology andAstrophysics have in common?


Answer: A Spirituality of Creation   


Did you ever really look at a Celtic Cross from the 9th Century?

Take a look at this one:


Yes, we see the traditional cross of Jesus, but in the middle is a circle of squiggly lines. Then there is a larger circle around the smaller one. These circles and the patterns in them represent the Cosmos. This symbol tells us all of creation - our planet, the animals, the plants, all living things are infused with the Spirit of Christ. Likewise, so are the stars, the galaxies, and all else in the entire universe. And so are you.  

Some people read the Bible and say this isn’t so. The Celtic mystics, St. Francis, our Native American brothers and sisters, plus scientists like Teilhard de Chardin and Dr. Brian Swimme disagree. Indeed, many people who call themselves, “spiritual but not religious” disagree.

Monday, November 29, for an hour starting at 7:00 PM on Zoom you are invited to take a new step in your personal journey.  Together we will be looking at these various traditions and then applying their insights to ways we can deepen our own spiritual awareness about our relationship to our physical environment. Spiritual practices will help us navigate this mystery we call creation.

Peace and Blessing in the Advent Time,

Rev. Tom Bentley

Celtic Cross

December 2021  Newsletter - Steeple Notes



Steeple Notes


December is Advent, Heritage Sunday - remember where we've been and looking forward

to where we are going, and of course Christmas - the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. 

In this month's Steeple Notes edition, some of our highlights include:

  • Heritage Sunday

  • Pancake Breakfast - December 11

  • Missions News 

  • Prayer List

  • Thrift Shop News

  • Pictures from the Olde Tyme Country Fair

  • December Calendar

  • December 19 CE Sunday with the Story of Christmas

  • Christmas Movie Trivia


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