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Awe in Creativity

Scripture: "They who dwell in the ends of the earth stand in awe of Your signs; You make the dawn and the sunset shout for joy." Psalm 65:8

Message: The Awe in Creativity

Reflecting on Rev. Tom’s message on Awe, I appreciated returning to the true origins of the word and away from our cultural tinge. To me, Awe is a quiet and sacred feeling. Awe has the power to inspire, from somewhere greater than ourselves.

How awesome is it that we are able to hold Drive In services when we needed to, and that many people come out no matter the cold and wind?

How awesome that we have in Rev. Tom the wisdom, vision and energy to encourage us to create such a service?

How awesome that we are in the very heart of Rowley, indeed on a little hill, ready to help our community?

How awesome that we can see the tracks of the little animals enjoying our land in the snow?

And how incredibly awesome that God has graced each of us in different ways with the power and creativity within to make a difference in our lives and vision as a church?

“Creativity becomes possible insofar as man can forget his limitations and his selfhood and lose himself in abandonment to the immense creative power of a love too great to be seen or comprehended.

Thomas Merton

May we rise above the grey skies of passivity and let the blue skies of creativity blossom! The clouds will swirl around us, but never forget the sky still possesses its beauty.

Music: "You'll Never Walk Alone" Josh Groban

Today's Encouraging Word and Inspirational Message and images are brought to you by Penny Hurley, on behalf of the Compassionate Care Network.

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