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The Freedom in Prayer

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Scripture: "And how bold and free we then become in his presence, freely asking according to his will, sure that he's listening."

1 John 5: 14 from The Message

Pics: Penny Hurley

Music: "Down to the River to Pray" performed by Alison Krauss

Message: The Freedom in Prayer

Prayer is inextricably bound to hope.

As our church moves forward with our mission of providing hope to the community, it seems that our prayer ministry has arrived at the perfect time. It is difficult to pray without hope... and difficult to hope without prayer. That hope can take on many forms. From the vast universal prayers for peace, to our quiet prayers for respite from a challenge.

No matter the need, with heartfelt prayer there comes a freedom whose origin lies in the Divine. It is up to us to be open to the experience. To surrender to trust.

"Loving God, we love how you love us. We love how you free us. We love what you have given and created to surround us. Help us to recognize, and to rejoice in, what has been given, even in the midst of what is not given."

Fr. Richard Rohr

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