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The Unending Invitation



"But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint."

Isaiah 40:31

Music:                   "Bound for Greater Things"            by Ken Medema

                                                                                      Pure Sound Virtual Choir with Ken Medema,

                                                                                      Music & Fine Arts, St. Lukes UMC Houston

Message:                                          The Unending Invitation

Dear Reverend Tom, 

Thank you for your time with us, giving generously of your knowledge, your wisdom, your love of Jesus and the Divine, as well as the universe. Today I share a few excerpts from your wealth of messages. May we take in the beauty and wisdom of your messages, and allow their words and deeper meaning to resonate within our hearts and minds.

What does it mean to go home? We are wandering, spiritually lost... it's not simply the place of memory - it's a home of solid connection to that which is always changing. We are called to invite one another in. A house is not a home. It never can be because it's always changing. Yet God's love is in all of us, eternal, all powerful, all present, always inclusive. In that place of love, we're called to be home.

~ Often we are in a desert with no real connection. Jesus calls us to connect, to be part of a Living community. The church is evolving, responding and rising again.

~  The openness of God's love is a mystery

We are born blind, and then we can sometimes see in the light of the mystery of God's love in a brilliant and powerful way.

~  Is your personal word at all connected to that Divine Word?

~  Shock, wonder, curiosity. We are introduced to this miracle. Through the eyes of a child this experience comes up one miracle after another, one mystery after another, with which we engage, hopefully with enthusiasm...It's one unending miracle. This is the human experience, penetrating the dark shadows of despair. Bringing us home when we feel lost, gathering us as sheep in need of healing and help. This is the life of the Spirit -  always calling to us, always inviting us. And when we respond, not leaving us disappointed.  In the spirit of that invitation, Welcome to the Miracle. Amen.

                                        "Grace and Peace to you from our friend Jesus."


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