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Church Cabinet

The Church Cabinet consists of the Pastor, Officers, and Chairperson (or proxies) of all Boards, Committees, and Organizations of this Church plus such other bodies as may be formed from time to time within, and conducted in, the name of this Church. In addition, there shall be one (1) Member-at-Large plus the Delegates to the Essex Association and to State Conference. Every member of the Cabinet shall be a participating Church member. The Cabinet shall meet at least quarterly or at the call of the Pastor, Moderator, or Clerk. Eight (8) members shall constitute a quorum.

The Church Cabinet shall be the managing body of this Church, responsible for its general welfare. The Cabinet shall plan, coordinate, advise, and make recommendations concerning policies, projects, or administration, when necessary, to the various Boards, Committees, and organizations or to the congregation. It shall have the power to take a decisive vote on all matters not otherwise delegated by the Bylaws and shall rule on interpretation of such matters.

The Cabinet shall recommend to the Church that it establish such additional permanent Officers, Boards, and Committees the Cabinet considers necessary to carry out the work of the Church. The Cabinet shall request that the Nominating Committee recommend candidates to fill vacancies in Offices, Boards, and Committees, and shall ratify or reject by a majority vote at any meeting any nominee submitted by the Nominating Committee to fill the unexpired term of any Officer, Board, or Committee member. Such action, if favorable, shall constitute election of the nominee(s). When the Cabinet is not in session, the Executive Committee shall act on its behalf.

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