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Missions Committee

The Missions Team works to provide support to those in need and to foster a sense of connection among members of our church and the community.

Throughout the year we support people in need through:

  • Collecting money for the UCC 5-for-5 special missions offerings: One Great Hour of Sharing, Neighbors in Need, Strengthen the Church, Our Church’s Wider Mission and the Christmas Fund.

  • Providing clothing, sanitary supplies, gift cards and other items as needed to the Triton school district.

  • Collecting food, clothing, and winter accessories for the Lazarus House Ministries in Lawrence.

  • Collecting Christmas gifts and gift cards for children and their families during the holiday season.

  • Collecting food for the Rowley food pantry.

  • Raising money to support people in war torn Ukraine.

We help foster a sense of community within our church and beyond through several activities including:

  • Monthly family movie nights

  • Monthly Community Coffee House, in partnership with Burwell Beans coffee roasters

  • Monthly Missions Walks

  • Bookworm Café twice per year

  • Co-sponsoring children’s events with the Christian Education team

We seek to educate the church and the community on topics of social justice including:

  • Immigration/Refugee Crisis

  • Topics in racial equity

  • Environmental stewardship

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