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Vision Statement

The First Congregational Church of Rowley is a community church that serves Christ. We are in covenant with all of God’s Children and all faiths across the world. We strive to be relevant in the modern world while honoring our rich heritage. We are growing and changing to attract new members while serving the spiritual needs of all generations. As Christians, we strive to be good stewards of God’s resources so that we may serve, through ministry and mission, both our community and the world.

Vision Process
Based on our vision statement, The First Congregational Church of Rowley is engaged in a process of discernment that will guide our path to the future. While honoring our rich heritage, the Vision Team recognized the need to stay relevant in today’s socioeconomic climate.

The visioning process includes:

  • A survey of the congregation to determine priorities for how we manage our resources and where we put our energies

  • An action plan for change based on survey results

  • Evaluation of boards and committee composition and length of service

  • An evolving music program that embraces a balance between contemporary music and traditional hymns

  • A fresh look at how to engage the youth

This is an exciting time for the First Congregational Church of Rowley!


Come be a part of our vision for the future.

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