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Let Justice Roll

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Pics: Penny Hurley Music: Roll Down, Justice! Mark Miller * Listen here:

*Mark Miller is the Minister of Music at Christ Church Summit N.J., where my sister sang in the choir under his leadership...he is a well known composer of sacred music. From his bio: Mark Miller believes that everyone is a Child of God and that music is instrumental in healing the world. He also adheres to Cornel West’s belief that “Justice is what love looks like in public.” Since 2006 he has been a Lecturer in Sacred Music at Yale’s Institute of Sacred Music and Divinity School. Mark is Professor of Church Music, Director of Chapel, and Composer In Residence at Drew University in Madison NJ, and is the Minister of Music of Christ Church (UCC & Am Baptist) in Summit, New Jersey. Mark believes that music, social justice, and the beloved community are inextricably tied.

Message: Let Justice Roll

As compassionate Christians, it is our responsibility to understand that none of us is free while any injustice exists. Love, kindness, compassion, freedom and justice are essential tenets, not just of Christianity, but of a civilization that can endure and thrive.

Let us work toward and pray for a day that will bring true equality among all humans.

Imagine the energy we could harness, the love we could create, the peace that could exist - if we accepted one another and worked as one.

"... And so let us live, and work, and pray, Until justice rolls down like water, And flows strong and free like a neverfailing stream. For we believe that the living God is just And that the true and living God loves justice.


from "The Justice Creed" Brian McClaren

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